Ms. Melanie S. Laino has been awarded an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal studies in the year 2013 and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in the year 2015 from Berkeley College, NJ. During her studies she was determined to also gain hands on experience in the legal field. She has gained legal experience as legal assistants working in law firms with different fields of law. Some of the areas of law in which she has gained experience were in Criminal Law, Personal Injury Law, Bankruptcy Law, and now Immigration Law. Ms. Laino is also fluent in both Spanish and English.

Presently Ms. Laino is a Supervisory Paralegal handling and overseeing the Nonimmigrant department in the Firm. She has always had the drive to make a difference and be able to help people understand the law and how it can help them, whether it was working as a legal assistant for the plaintiff in Criminal, or Personal injury law, helping clients file for bankruptcy, or now being able to assist clients with the immigration process. What motivates her is having the passion to learn about the changing laws of immigration, and ensuring that she is 100% devoted to our clients. Ms. Laino is dedicated to ensuring that she is easily accessible to our clients and that cases are not only taken and treated as priorities, but are handled with the upmost care.