Savinder Sodhi has earned his Juris Doctorate from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School in the year 2017 and his bachelor’s degree in Political Science, History and Economics from Rutgers University in the year 2012. Prior to law school Savinder had developed some experience and in the field Information Technology working as a Quality Assurance Analyst at United Health Group and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

While attending law school, Savinder had spent afternoons, weekends and summers developing and honing his legal abilities while interning at such offices as the The Hale law firm, working on criminal defense cases involving murder and sexual abuse; the Orlando firm, working on cases involving personal injury and workmans compensation; and Richard Uslan Law Firm, working on cases involving traffic court and record expungements.

After graduating law school, Savinder has worked for the Law Office of Susheela Verma until April, 2019 where he worked directly under Ms. Verma in complex commercial litigation matters, lead the family law department and supported the immigration department. Savinder was instrumental in the legal research; client outreach; drafting and recording of deeds; drafting key documents such as interrogatory, briefs, memorandums of law, motions and etc.